These weather changes are tough

There is nothing worse than when the weather changes and you are not prepared for it. I thought summer was here. I put away all my t-shirts and pants to bring out my short and tanks. I set out all the patio furniture and garden statues. I even got on the ball and had my heater system put away and the A/C system serviced. The HVAC technicians came in and looked over my heating equipment. They oiled, tightened and cleaned the inner workings. They also fixed a very small heating repair. The heater is all set to sit for the entire summer and early fall season. The air conditioner is ready to roll because of its tune up. There is new refrigerant and freon in it. The fan motor belt was just lubricated and I got a new air filter set up in it. But, the weather has changed. I swear, just last week we were experiencing temperatures in the 80s. This week the weather has been around 60 degrees. The nights are even colder that I have to seal all the windows tight. I have not once used my air conditioner since the expensive tune up I got for it. I keep looking longingly at my heating equipment. The HVAC technician has it set to sit around for months, I don’t want to ruin that. Also, the air conditioner should not just sit now that it is all oiled. I can’t bear to run it though. When is the weather going to get hot again? I want to fully change over to the summer mindset.

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