I’m breathing easier

On Sundays, I always do my best to catch up on some of my household chores. Weekdays are busy for me, and Saturdays are when I relax with my friends. So, Sunday works best for these kinds of things! Last week, I did a little work on my HVAC unit. It was in dire need of it. I had been noticing excess dust and dirt circulating through the air, so it was evident to me that it was time to change the air filter. This was a quick fix, and after doing that, I cleaned out the coils as well. I had to take them to my driveway and hose them down, but I knew that after I did this I would notice a huge change in my air quality. Since doing this, I certainly have noticed a difference, but there’s still one additional thing that I want to have completed. I recently learned that it’s a good ideal to have the air ducts in a home cleaned about every other year, so that’s something I’m going to have done soon. I’ll have to have a professional come out for that, but I know that it will be worth it. I deal with allergy issues off and on, so maintaining good air quality in my home is something that’s very important to me. I doubt most people put this much thought into their HVAC unit, but for people like me it’s a priority. Soon, I think I’ll feel like I’m breathing in the best air that I possibly could be. This makes it well worth it to get out on Sundays and take care of my chores. I definitely breath easier after I’m done!

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