This is important

On Thursday afternoons, I try my best at catching up on household chores. Weekdays are normally tied up, plus Thursdays is a day I get to relax alone with my friends. Thursday is the best for these little jobs. Last weekend, I performed a little labor on the heating, ventilation, plus AC equipment. The heating, ventilation, plus A/C equipment was in need of a serious cleaning, because I had easily noticed excess dirt + debris absolutely circulating in our air. I knew this was evidence to myself plus others, that it was an air filter changing time. I also decided to take this time to clean the evaporator coils additionally. I took them out to the driveway area, plus use my garden hose to clean them well. I really was able to notice quite a change in the indoor air quality. I also decided to get someone over to my lake house to perform a duct work cleaning. The ductwork cleaning has to be done by a professional, who has the necessary tools to be able to reach all of the nooks + crannies of our ventilation, heating, plus A/C equipment. After the ductwork is absolutely cleaner, we should be able to absolutely breathe much better in our home. I don’t believe a lot of people easily put this much thought about their heating, A/C, plus ventilation equipment, but it is easily of the utmost importance for us to have great indoor air quality in our lake house. The first defense to indoor allergens is breathing clean, quality air.

indoor air quality