Maybe we should unplug this

It’s finally summer and that means I get a vacation from this job of mine and I can’t wait! Today we’re at the mall and it is crowded, so we have to park far away, but once we get into the mall, I’m grateful for the cooled, conditioned air all throughout.  You can always count on air conditioning inside the malls around here. It gets so hot in our area of the south, that people go to the malls just for the air conditioning, especially if their A/C is out. People wisely fast walk here also, so they can exercise in the cool A/C. I received a newsletter from my utility company about saving some energy while we are on vacation.  It encourages vacationers to adjust the water heater to where it doesn’t continue heating the water up when no one is home to shower. This same newsletter mentions raising the temperature on the refrigerator, and if everyone is gone for a month or more, to empty the fridge and unplug it all together. The newsletter goes on to remind the vacationers to install timers on your lamps, to unplug your electronics and to either turn off your air conditioner or set the thermostat to 85 degrees or higher, so it won’t come on.  Why air condition an empty house? Even better, if you have a programmable thermostat, adjust the thermostat to “vacation” mode and that way, the house will be cool upon your return, because the air conditioner will come on before we return from our vacation.

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