Summer has finally arrived

Finally summer has arrived, Plus the people I was with plus myself are going to be able to Holiday from our job. The mall has been crowded lately, but the people I was with bus myself need to gather items for our trip. The people plus myself had to park our Ford F-150 about 40 spaces from the front doors. At least the mall has a pretty nice A/C device. With all of the stores around the mall, the temperatures tend to get frequently hot. Without a nice A/C device, it would be rather difficult to shop for a long period of time. In our events section of the vast South, a lot of people frequent the mall because of the A/C device. People wisely jog in here also, which is great exercise inside of the cold A/C device. The people I was with plus myself gained a recent lose letter from our utility provider, about saving energy for the holidays. It was a list of energy saving tips from our utility company, to help with all of the holiday power consumption. The energy-saving newsletter talks about adjusting the temperature on the furnace, plus lowering the hot water heater temperature. There were also ideas about installing timers on our holiday lights, plus purchasing a new thermostat to monitor the temperatures of the Furnace plus A/C device. The energy-saving newsletter was a welcome piece of mail, Plus on like the junk that the people I was with plus myself normally receive every day. It was a nice piece of mail to retrieve from our utility company, instead of a bill.

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