I Am Enjoying My Mini Split A/C Units

I’m so tired of being stuck at the house waiting for a professional to show up way after our appointment was supposed to occur.

I’m really sick of hiring supposed experts & being disappointed in the results from their overpriced repair appointments.

And heating, cooling, & ventilation techs seem to be the worst in this part of the world. I am so over our indoor air conditions control, and for as long as I can remember I have been fending off the breakdown of our immense central heating, cooling, & air quality control plan that we have via repeated Heating & Air Conditioning service appointments. I feel as if I talk to them more than I talk to my husband! My husband and I have a traditional forced air gas furnace & immense air conditioning plan that everyone says should be sufficient to control our indoor air temperature & air quality separate from any overwhelming challenges. The central ventilation systems always used to allow temperature change according to thermostat, so I never thought much about the old heating, cooling, & air quality control unit or just how bad central HVAC is in general that -is until it ceased absolutely working so well. After hot & chilly fluctuations for years & more currency sent to the Heating & Air Conditioning dealership than I even want to think about, I finally decided to make a change. That’s when I l earned about these new mini-split ductless heating & cooling systems. For the first time, I really paid attention to how these small indoor air temperature control units might benefit us. Maybe it would be nice to have simpler and more individualized Heating & Air Conditioning units such as mini split a/c units, rather than operating an oversized centralized indoor air conditions control method to repair. I made the switch & never looked back. NOw I am enjoying my mini split a/c units.

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