Checking the HVAC duct

Awhile ago, Lucien and I fixed up the house. When Lucien and I were almost finished with the laundry room, I noticed that the a/c kept running all day, but the thermostat was set at a good temperature. However, the inside temperature never went below 74 degrees. Lucien called our Heating & A/C company & got us a date. Lucien and I thought, perhaps with all the dust from the recent construction, that our a/c just needed a good washing through and through. When our a/c specialist arrived, he cleaned & oiled our Heating & A/C system. The Heating & A/C specialist said that our air conditioning machine was now working just dandy, and he expressed problems about the HVAC duct in the laundry room though. Lucien told him that during the recent remodeling job in the laundry room, him and I ended up closing off a single of the HVAC ducts, because it wasn’t required for our ductless HVAC set up. The issue was, when the remodeling contractors removed the drop ceiling with the laundry room air vent, they didn’t seal off the duct officially. Lucien grabbed a table to stand on & escorted our Heating & A/C specialist to the laundry room, so he could climb into the ceiling of it to check the HVAC duct. After a few minutes, the Heating & A/C specialist walked back down & gave us the poor news. He said that the ducts are done for & falling down in the wall. We needed a major repair done.

HVAC duct