Maybe I should stay home

Every year on July 4th, my wife and I take the kids to see the fireworks. It’s always been an enjoyable experience for everyone. We usually go to the beach in the morning and take a picnic lunch. We take plenty of water, gatorade, fruit, and snacks for the kids. It’s a long day, but the kids have always enjoyed the activity. Last year was pretty rough, because the outdoor temperatures were crazy hot during the summer. We normally have warm summer days that average in the eighties. Last year was insane and the average summer temperatures were closer to 93 degrees. After the fire works, we waited in traffic for two hours. Since we were barely moving at all, the A/C didn’t help much at all. We keep the windows open for a breeze, but it was no match for the relentless summer heat. I tried to keep the A/C on high, but we were losing gas fast. I didn’t expect to sit in traffic for two hours, but there was a huge accident on the interstate. Four cars were involved and ambulances were dispatched. It was a horrible scene on such an amazing night. By the time we got home, everyone wanted to adjust the A/C. I turned the thermostat down to 68 degrees, so the A/C would blow cold air for awhile. After last years experience, I’m not sure the kids will want to do the fireworks again. After last years debacle, I’m not sure I want too either. Maybe we can just stay home and grill some hot dogs this year.

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