This traffic sucks

Once a year on the holidays, Cory as well as I take the kids to see the light show. It’s typically been a wonderful experience for each person. We usually go to the sand in the afternoon as well as take a dinner. We take plenty of drinks, veggies, fruit, as well as snacks for the teenagers. It’s a good day, however the teenagers have really enjoyed the activity. Last year was pretty terrible, because the outdoor temperatures were quite tepid while all of us were in the hot season. We normally have moderate Summer mornings that are typically in the eighties. Last year was awful as well as the average Summer temperatures were closer to 93 degrees, after the light show, all of us waited in traffic for a few hours! Since all of us were barely moving at all, the a/c system didn’t help much at all. We had to keep the windows open for a breeze, however it was no good relief for the relentless Summer heat. I tried to remain the cooling system on high, but all of us were losing gas quickly. I didn’t expect to hang out in traffic for 2 hours, but there was a huge jam on the interstate, many cars were involved as well as ambulances were astray. It was a terrible scene on such an amazing night. By the time all of us got back to the house, everyone wanted to change the cooling system. I turned the temperature control down to a few degrees, so the air system would blow chilly air for awhile.

temperature control unit