Leaving a few windows open

Once a year in the Summer, Carla and I take the boys to see the fanfare of the year, and it’s typically been a really great experience for each person; Carla and I usually go to the beach in the afternoon and take a good lunch. Carla and I take plenty of water, drinks, treats, and snacks for the boys. It’s a long day, however the boys have always enjoyed the fanfare, then last year was pretty difficult, because the outdoor hot and cold temperatures were insanely hot while I was in the warm times. Carla and I normally have hot warm season days that average in the 80s. Last year was stupid and the average warm season hot and cold temperatures were closer to 91 degrees, however after the fire works, Carla and I waited in traffic for several hours, however since Carla and I were barely moving at all, the A/C did not help much at all. Carla and I keep the windows open for a slight breeze, however it was no match for the relentless heated season warmth. I tried to keep the A/C on a higher setting, however Carla and I were losing gas fast. I did not expect to sit in a jam for several moments, however there was a big accident on the highway! A few cars were involved and trucks were dispatched. It was a horrible scene on such a wonderful night, by the time Carla and I got home, everyone wanted to work the A/C. I switched the temperature control down to 71 degrees, so the A/C would blow chilly air for awhile.