Driving down the interstate

On veterans day, Carlos plus I take the kids to see the parade in town! It’s always been an good time for everyone, and Carlos and I usually go all out. We take the kids to the beach in the day plus take some food for them. Carlos and I make sure to take plenty of water, gatorade, fruit, plus treats for the kids. It’s a long day in the sunshine, but the boys have always enjoyed the interest… Last month was pretty difficult though, because the outdoor temperatures were crazy hot while Carlos and I were in the Summer. Carlos and I normally have tepid Summer days that average in the 78s. Last time was wild plus the typical Summer temperatures were closer to 99 degrees… After the parade went down, Carlos, the kids and I all sat in traffic for multiple hours, since all of us were barely going at all, the A/C didn’t assist us much at all. Carlos and I keep the windows open for a little air, but it was no match for the terrible Summer heat. I tried to keep the A/C on full power, but all of us were wasting gas fast. I didn’t expect to hang around in traffic for multiple hour, but there was a big traffic jam on the interstate, so 3 cars were involved plus firetrucks were dispatched. It was an awful scene on such a nice evening. By the time all of us got back to the house, everyone wanted to adjust the A/C. I turned the climate control down to 69 notches, so the A/C would blow frigid air for some while in the house.

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