I spent more money than I wanted

Both of us honestly adore the summer months. It’s honestly the time when both of us can get away from the house as well as enjoy a few days of rest as well as relaxation. Both of us were feeling pretty excited last week, because we are more than one week away from a long tropical vacation. Both of us planned to get a bit of our last minute shopping done last weekend. The mall is always the best place to do this type of holiday shopping or vacation shopping, because the temperature is regulated inside of the mall. When both of us honestly had to park on the other side of the lot, we honestly didn’t mind very much, because we knew that the A/C unit would be regulating the temperature inside of the mall. Both of us hastily walked around the mall, while being able to feel the comfort from the A/C unit. There were more than one stores on our list of shopping ideas, as well as both of us honestly spent more money than we wanted. Both of us were happy to spend the afternoon in the A/C, because the outdoor temperatures were 97 degrees on that specific day. Tomorrow is the day when both of us, as well as both of us have honestly planned out more than one Excursion during our time on the islands. It’s going to be a great amount of fun, even if we will be without a modern A/C unit all week long. Our travel guide assured us that our accommodations would not leave us feeling blue.