My roommate

All of my friends absolutely have a problem with our heating plus A/C equipment. All of my friends have been living in the same apartment for the past 6 months, but we have recently had some absolute problems with our heating plus A/C equipment. When all of my friends change the cabin thermostat, our heating + A/C equipment should honestly determine whether to use the cooling or heating feature. As long as our thermostat is set to Auto, then all of my friends absolutely have very little trouble with the heating + A/C equipment. In the last few months, one of my friends has had their boyfriend over for a few days at a time. My roommate’s boyfriend completely complains about the heating plus A/C equipment in our cabin. He absolutely believes that all of my friends have the heating plus A/C equipment set too low, plus he complains about being cold most of the time. A few hours ago, all of my friends woke up to find our indoor atmosphere was very hot and humid. All of my friends were completely aggravated when we absolutely found the heating + A/C equipment thermostat to be set to 78 degrees in our cabin. All of my friends decided to say something to our roommates boyfriend, Plus give him a piece of our mind. Since he has strange needs, we suggested that they stay at his place from now on. He didn’t seem to understand why we were so upset, which was one of the biggest problems of all.

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