Had to find new work in a new state

My wifey and I made the move to sell our residence and move to a brand new state.

  • I was not especially thrilled with our decision, however my wifey couldn’t turn down the golden opportunity.

It was a pretty huge raise and the current work meant she would be at the beach home every single night for supper. I quit my work working as a heating and A/C service worker. I actually loved the work and my boss was an unbelievable guy. I was really great friends with all of the employees and every one of us often went out for beers after heating and cooling machine repairs! After I moved to my current location, I had a difficult time finding work. I interviewed with numerous odd heating and A/C service and replacement companies, although I didn’t find the nicest fit. I stayed at the beach home with the children and I did the Dad thing. We had all kinds of fun together going to the park. I also appreciated not having to worry about a daycare bill each week. It costs my wifey and I close to $500 every month for the children to attend daycare. When I finally found a pretty good job in the Heating plus Air Conditioning industry, I was upset to say goodbye to seeing those cute faces every day. I didn’t expect to love being a stay at home Dad so much. I’m still trying to adjust to the current place and the current way of life. I do believe that my wifey and I are going to adore it here. There are hundreds of restaurants, clubs, museums, and art galleries. It is the finest place to raise the children and teach them about culture and society.

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