My saving grace

Most of the time, when our parents give us advice, it goes in one ear and out the other. We never truly listen to them and we typically don’t realize that our parents know best until we’ve learned for ourselves the hard way. I’ve been in this boat many times. The most recent experience had to do with my apartment. When I first set out to move into my own apartment, I insisted that I do it on my own. I set up all of my appointments and toured many apartments.

             I was very hung up on one specific apartment, but the landlord wouldn’t respond to my calls for weeks. My mom warned me that this was a bad sign. She insisted that if I were to move in, he would be unresponsive if I had any complications. In hindsight, she was right. I moved into this apartment, despite her concerns. After a few months of living there and the winter season began, my heating unit started to make some concerning noises. I called my landlord, but he didn’t pick up. A few days later, the noises stopped, but the heating unit shut off entirely. I was so worried because it was the middle of winter. I went weeks without any heat. I called my landlord almost twenty times without an answer.

            I stayed with my parents for those weeks until I finally got the landlord to come over. It took a threatening voicemail for him to respond. Turned out, the heating system was due for a replacement for weeks and he was neglecting it. He neglected to tell me this as well. Next time, I’ll definitely take my parent’s advice more seriously.

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