Cold weather issues

We’ve been having a cold snap where I live. This wouldn’t usually be anything unusual, since I live in the northern part of the country where it’s winter for seven or eight months of the year. But since it’s the middle of June, a cold snap is not something that I expected! The temperatures outside are actually in the 50s, and my kids are all whining that they want to go to the pool. If the weather doesn’t change soon and give us some sun and higher temperatures, I don’t think we are going to get our money’s worth on our pool pass for this summer! Last night we slept with the windows open because the breeze was so nice. We haven’t had to run our air conditioning at all this summer yet, which has been a positive part of the cooler weather. But imagine my surprise this morning when the open windows led to our furnace kicking on! I had the thermostat set all the way down to the lowest temperature setting for the summer because, you know, you don’t usually use the furnace during the summertime! But when I woke up the temperature had dipped down below the settings on the thermostat and sure enough, there was heated air pouring in through the heating ducts on my bedroom ceiling. I ran to change the settings on the thermostat, because I don’t care how cold it gets – I simply refuse to run my furnace in June. That’s just ridiculous! I’m telling all of my kids to go ahead and dig their winter jackets out and we will just wear those to the pool. We are all in denial of this cold weather.

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