A digital thermostat

My husband Chad really hates to use our central air conditioning. He complains non-stop about our high power bills during the summer. He refuses to turn the temperature on the thermostat down so the A/C will kick on unless the house is around 78 degrees or so. I think that this is ridiculous, and I’ve tried to explain to him that the whole reason we got a programmable thermostat is so we could save on our energy bills. He just doesn’t seem to get the whole idea. I mean, if you program your thermostat, the air conditioning will keep the interior of your house at a constant temperature. If you wait until it’s swelteringly hot in your house, then it takes the A/C forever to get the house cooled off and it makes the A/C unit have to work that much harder. If you keep your house at say, a cool and comfortable 70 degrees throughout the summer, it makes the air conditioner’s work much easier. You can’t tell that to Chad, though. He thinks we should wait until we’re all melting before we turn the digital thermostat down a couple of degrees. This is really torturous for me, since I’m hot natured. It’s a constant source of contention between us because I blame him for my discomfort and crabbiness and he blames me for the high utility bills. Maybe I should’ve married an HVAC contractor instead.

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