It’s getting stuffy in the house

The other weekend, I went over to a friend’s house. When I got there, I seen there was a lot of people over. Most people were watching a movie on my friend’s big screen TV. He gave me a drink and I hung out for a little while. After some time, I started to notice that it was sort of overheated in his place. I asked my friend if he could adjust the temperature control and he said unfortunately, his HVAC system was experiencing issues. He told me that he already called the HVAC technician but he couldn’t get to his place until the morning time. I thought that was very unfortunate. He said that people were still having a good time though. I told him he should probably open some windows to catch a breeze through the house. The air quality wasn’t that great but I was sure a little ventilation would help out a bit. So he did that and sure enough, the house was able to cool down a bit. Some of the people who were watching the movie thanked us for opening up the windows since it was getting so stuffy inside the house. My friend asked me if I wanted to stick around and watch another movie. Since the air quality wasn’t the best and the A/C wasn’t working, I didn’t honestly want to stick around for longer than I already had been there, so I kindly declined and went on my way. I really wasn’t mean about it or at least tried not to be. I really can’t stand going without working A/C for long periods of time, it’s just very difficult for me.

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