I needed a glass of water

My boyfriend and I usually plan a date night on Friday nights, while rotating who picks the location and pay. Tonight, was my boyfriend’s turn and like usual he picks dinner and a movie. However, this night he decided to be fancy and check out a new restaurant that his friend recommended. This place was really nice but it was located on a boat. I would say that it was at the end of last summer but as the cusps of fall. Therefore, it was hot during the day and cooler at night. I left my throw on jacket in the car because I figured I wouldn’t need it. The night was going great and I was in awe of the customer service and the food was delicious. However, the farther we sail the cooler it became. I asked the waiter to turn off the air condition but they were unable to adjust the temperature. My boyfriend, I switched spots because it was extremely cold, but it was cold period no matter where I sat. Who would’ve thought that this small boat will have a powerful air conditioning unit that keeps the cool air ventilated? I tried to drink a glass of wine to knock off the chill but it didn’t work. I asked them to turn on the heater but of course, they said they couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to ruin our special night so I just sat there with his arms around me as I continued to eat my food.