I wanted an electric heater

Ever since my sister started dating her boyfriend they have had a standing date every Friday.  Even when one of them is out of town they Facetime while eating dinner. It is really quite silly in my opinion but it works for them.  Last week it was my sister’s turn to pick a place and she wanted to check out a new floating restaurant that just opened. It was sort of a dinner cruise and she was really looking forward to it.  Unfortunately, it was already almost the end of summer so the weather was somewhat unpredictable. She wasn’t sure what to wear for her date. When they arrived at the dock, she left her jacket in the car because she figured she wouldn’t need it. She regretted that choice once the sun went down. She called me after they got back from their date and told me all about the boat.  She said that the food was great and the decor was beautiful, but, the HVAC system was working on overload all night long. She asked the server to turn off the air conditioning but they were unable to adjust the temperature! She asked her boyfriend to switch spots because it seemed that the air vent was blowing right on her. Even that didn’t help. The entire event lasted about two hours and she was very glad to get back to the car afterwards.  She immediately put on her jacket and they turned on the heat in the car as they drove home. I am sure that the air conditioning on the boat is refreshing during the heat of summer but they really should program it differently for the late summer and fall cruises.

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