A short but comfy ride

When I got back from an out of state business trip, the shuttle that was supposed to pick me up was late and I got tired of waiting. So I canceled it and grabbed one of the taxi cabs down there. I was a bit reluctant in grabbing a cab because usually they are so filthy and the drivers are usually shady as ever. However I lucked out this time. The driver was an older guy and the cab was clean as ever. The total reverse of what I am used to with taxi cabs at an airport. Also, it was very hot outside and the central air conditioning in the can was very relaxing and a relief. The air conditioning in cabs usually do not work well either. But this guy had everything taken care of. Great air conditioning, very clean and he didn’t smoke cigars like most of em do. This was a miracle. Now the ride from the airport back to my house is only about 15 minutes or so, but this short comfy ride thanks to the great central air conditioning and the clean cab was more than I could have asked for. Dare I say that I think this was even better than the shuttle! Sure, the shuttle would have had great air conditioning, but I would have been sharing it with other people. In the cab I had my own private space other than the driver, and the wonderful air conditioning made it even more awesome than ever. I hope that I can once again ride in this guy’s cab.

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