Upgrading my inlaw’s HVAC

The idea of marrying someone was not something that I really thought I would ever do.

For some reason, I just didn’t think I would be ready to commit to a forever situation like that.

Mainly because, I couldn’t imagine someone putting up with me for a lifetime. But it happened. And what I didn’t see coming was the inlaws effect on my life. It’s like having a wonderfully relaxing moment in the HVAC cooling of your living room with a couple of angry bees in their with you. At least, that’s the way it’s been for me. My inlaws just don’t like me or respect me. This is fine as long as I had limited contact with them. But that buffer is gone. They are now living just minutes away in a condo having retired. When they were initially looking at the condo, I remember bringing up the fact that the HVAC equipment looked worn. This observation was immediately dismissed. So of course, just months after they moved in, the heating and cooling equipment failed. I mean completely, can’t fix it at all, failed. Plus, the HVAC company said it would take at least 6 weeks before the HVAC heat pump could be replaced. My inlaws said fine, we’ll just move in with my daughter. The prospect of my inlaws living in my house for six weeks was a non-starter. Fortunately, the HVAC company was able to come up with some mobile air conditioners for the inlaws until the new HVAC equipment was ready to install. Yet another reason why I simply love the HVAC professionals at our HVAC company.

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