Protecting the air conditioning during the winter

It won’t be long before the air conditioner starts kicking on around here.

Much of the country is already getting busy with the HVAC cooling.

In our region, we don’t get a whole lot of heat. And when it comes, it doesn’t last for month after month like many other regions in our country. However, having the air conditioning certainly is nice. I like being able to kick back in the living room during the afternoon in cooling comfort. But for me, the main HVAC deal is the winter and the heating. Our winters are at least six months long and really cold. We’re talking subfreezing temperatures and sometimes even subzero temperatures. So my HVAC focus is on the gar furnace and the wood stove we use to supplement the gas furnace. Having the wood stove serves two purposes. First, it’s the back up heating method should we be in a situation without power for a period of time. Second, I reduce the HVAC heating costs by using the wood stove some during the winter. However, the air conditioning is still on my mind during the winter. Well, I should say that the protection of the air conditioner is on my mind during the winter. This is because the HVAC condenser cabinet sits outside all winter long. The weight of snow and ice isn’t good for the fan or other parts. Plus, having water freeze, thaw and refreeze on those parts aren’t good for it either. Thankfully, I have a hard plastic cover I can fit right over the HVAC equipment to protect it from the winter elements.

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