Setting up my WIFI

I was so excited to meet my friends for our monthly dinner out this past week. We have made it a tradition ever since college and now, even though many of us are married and have children, we make a point to continue to meet. We even take turns on who picks the location so that we never get bored with the same place. This last time was my turn and I wanted to check out a new dinner cruise downtown. You see, we have a booming waterfront that is buzzing with activity all year round and it is always a treat to head down there.  I was a little concerned because it was September and the weather can be boiling hot or feel quite Fall like, but I figured the interior of the boat would be climate controlled anyway. The boat was really nice but it was but I regretted that I left my jacket in the car because I had figured I would not need it. The evening was going wonderful and we were loving the views, however, the farther away we sailed, the cooler it became. I asked the waiter to turn off the air conditioning but they were unable to adjust the temperature! I even switched spots with one of my friends because she said that she loved the cold air and I was right under a vent, but it was just cold no matter where I sat. Who would’ve thought that the boat would have had such a powerful air conditioner on board.  I tried to drink glasses of wine to knock off the chill but it did not work. We laughed and had a good time despite the cold but I was very glad to go ashore and back to my car. I turned on the heat the whole way home.

perfect temp