My partner has cold feet literally all the time

My partner has cold feet literally all the time in addition to it is driving myself and others totally crazy.

She is the biggest baby when it comes to her poor little tootsies being cold in addition to sincerely, it is entirely a giant turnoff.

She acts like a little baby whenever I have the central cooling system turned on in the cabin because he’s always cold. She says that having the cooling system running in the cabin during the Summer exacerbates her so-called condition. I personally think like the only condition that she actually has is the fact that he’s a little bit of a weenie about the cooling system. I don’t understand how someone like my partner can be so tall in addition to giant in addition to strong, but he’s cold all the time like a little outdated lady. I am starting to think that she actually has some concerns with her circulation or something. Maybe there entirely is something to the fact that she complains about myself and others running the cooling system all the time, however but sincerely, even if there were a medical reason for her being adverse to the cooling system, I would still run it in the summer. As much as she hates the cooling system, I think I like it just that much or more. I am one of those people who is always warm just like she is always cold. I don’t know how all of us even ended up together. It’s entirely becoming a bit of a problem. I guess all the people should entirely discuss their temperature control settings before they decide to go in addition to get married! It can entirely cause problems in the long run!

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