Getting professional service

My husband is finally seeing the light. By that I mean, he’s finally noticed the “declined” option when you don’t have enough cash in your checking account and decided he needs to have more financial responsibility. You see, this butthead grew up in a pretty privileged family, although he doesn’t seem to realize it. He genuinely thinks that he knows what it’s like to be poor, but in reality, he has no money sense whatsoever. That’s why I’m constantly up his butt, trying to deter him from useless spending when we have unpaid bills. Right now, I’m working extra hard to convince him of the importance of energy efficiency in our home. For the past several years, he’s lived as though energy is a free commodity, infinite and ready to be pumped into his AC unit without repercussion. It’s as if he doesn’t remember our sky high energy bills each month, the cost of having our AC unit professionally serviced, or the pending expense of a brand new air conditioning system in the next few years. But with each astronomically high electric bill, he’s finally starting to understand. That’s why I’m at least trying to convince him that we should consider zone controlled heating and cooling when the time for a new AC system comes. I’ve been telling him for 6 months or so about the many benefits of zone controlled temperature systems. I figure, if he has to have abundant air conditioning at home, we can at least contain the cool air to one particular room. That way, he can still have a cool and dry space in the house without racking up the highest unaffordable energy bill in the county again.

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