The thermostat should be left alone

My kids just don’t get it, I have tried to make them see the light and realize that money doesn’t grow on trees, but I can’t seem to get through to them. I think they may notice soon though because as of next month, they will no longer have a data plan on their phones.You see, these kids grew up pretty privileged and I have never really even made them do chores. They  genuinely think that they know what it’s like to be poor, however in reality, they have no idea. My parents worked like dogs just to keep food on our table and I remember many days when we had no lights because my parents couldn’t pay the electric bill. Speaking of energy bills, my kids don’t make the connection between running the A/C or heat as being part of the energy bill either.  Right now, I’m working extra hard to convince them of the importance of energy efficiency in our home. For many years, they have lived as though energy was a free commodity, and the HVAC system could be run without repercussion! That’s because they never see the sky high energy bills each month. They have no clue how much it cost to have our our system professionally tuned up, or the huge expense of a brand new air conditioner in the next few years. I’ve been telling them that I want them to monitor how much they use the HVAC system and that the thermostat needs to be left alone during the day.  Each time they adjust the temperature up and down it is like throwing money out the window. I guess that they won’t fully appreciate these lessons until they have to pay the bills themselves.

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