We are not fans of heating

I love the winter months. Being outside and seeing the foliage while feeling the chilling breeze is my favorite part of winter. I’ve been to many different states during the winter. I remember being in North Carolina a few winters ago. I was layered in clothing to help keep warm. I remember wishing that it would snow so that my cousins and I could have a snowball fight. I went to sleep still wishing for snow and when I woke up the next morning, my wish had been granted. After having breakfast and getting dressed, I headed outside to start gathering snow to make ammunition for the snowball fight ahead. After a while in the snow, I ran in the house to warm up. I asked for a cup of hot chocolate and sat next to the furnace vent. The vent sent heated air rushing toward my face. I looked at the thermostat, it was set at a snug 88 degrees. I loved every minute spent next to the warming air. My aunt’s house had an HVAC unit and every room was heated to the same temperature. No matter which room of the house I ventured into, the same warm circulating air was there with me. During the day, the HVAC unit in my aunt’s house warmed me and my family when we returned from trudging through the snow. At night, the heat shielded us from the freezing weather just beyond the window. When I didn’t go out in the almost freezing weather, the circulating heat kept me warm enough to where I could wear shorts and forget about the cooling temperature outside.

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