I was raised by HVAC professionals

I have regularly been a tomboy, or that’s what people said anyway.

I genuinely wasn’t a big fan of the word tomboy, because it implies a girl has to be frilly & into dolls, or else they are attempting to be a boy.

I never wanted that, I just liked hanging out with my father & laboring with tools. I liked to take things apart & rebuild them, to see how they actually worked. My father genuinely appreciated this, he encouraged me, & even took me to work with him on weekends sometimes! The task sites weren’t always relatively safe, however he & the other Heating & A/C device techs all watched out for me. By the time I was entering middle school, I could break down an air conditioner device & rebuild it by myself! When I was in high school my father got me hooked up with some classes at the community school about heating & cooling device repair. It was a dual enrollment sort of thing, so while I was reading the Heating & A/C device manuals I was also earning school credit & laboring towards my HVAC certification. There was no question about me going away to school, because when I graduated at age 17 I was fully Heating & A/C certified & started laboring full time with my father! Some people say I was missing out by not going to an official school, however I tell these people my first Heating & A/C tech position started me off at a higher wage than most school grads will ever manage! I’m not saying that this kind of work is perfect for most people, however for my Heating & A/C device career it is a dream come true.

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