Our windows and energy efficient HVAC make the bills lower than ever

I genuinely hope you are actually sitting down, because I am about to entirely shock your world.

  • As you know, I recently moved into a brand new dwelling.

Not just that, but it’s easily twice the size of our last dwelling… This one is a multiple bedroom, many baths, with windows all along the front as well as back! It isn’t a mansion or anything, but it’s a rather extreme upgrade from our last place, as well as I couldn’t be more pleased with it. Here comes the ridiculous thing though — I just got my initial utility bill here, as well as it is approximately half of what I paid for a week at the older, smaller dwelling. I have run the A/C appliance almost every day since I moved in, as well as even with that our bill was lower than it has been in a number of years. Yes every one of us has a truly high end A/C appliance, one that manages to keep the dwelling evenly cool throughout the day while running as little as possible. Along with the nice Heating as well as Air Conditioning appliance, every one of us also has treated windows that act as their own kind of insulation. The bunch of us regularly lose so much heating as well as cooling through the windows, as well as the sills around them, so these treated windows make a sizable financial impact on our bottom line. I know about the expression “you get what you spend money for” however I had no idea in the slightest that these pricey Heating as well as Air Conditioning appliances generated such amazing results for energy costs. Whenever the time comes for a brand new Heating as well as Air Conditioning appliance, I will stick with this brand, as well as find the most energy efficient one on the market at that point in time.
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