Low bills thanks to energy efficient windows and HVAC

I honestly hope you are sitting down, because I am actually about to blow you away.

As you know, I recently moved into a new property… Not just that, but it’s roughly twice the size of our last property.

This one is a 4 bedroom, three bath, with windows all along the front and back. It isn’t a mansion to be honest, but it’s a pretty nice upgrade from our last place. I couldn’t be happier with it, however here comes the absurd section — I just got my first utility bill here, and it is almost half of what I paid for a month at the older, smaller property. I have run the a/c equipment just about every day since I moved in, and even with that my bill was lower than it has been in several years. Yes we have an absolutely high end cooling system, one that manages to keep the new property evenly cool throughout the day while running as little as possible. Along with the nice HVAC equipment, we also have treated windows that add their own type of insulation. The people I was with and I always lose a great deal of heating and cooling through the windows, and the sills around them, so these treated windows make a pretty sizable financial impact on our bottom line. I know the expression “you get what you pay for” even though I didn’t have any idea that these high-priced HVAC systems generated such superb results for energy costs. Whenever the time comes for a new HVAC, I will stick with this brand, and find the most energy efficient one available on the market.

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