Impressed with the energy efficiency of this new HVAC and windows

I sincerely hope you are not standing up, because I am about to shock your whole world! As you know, I recently moved into my current residence.

Not just that, however it’s twice the size of our last residence.

We now have a 6 bedroom, 3 bath, with windows all along the front & back. It isn’t a mansion by any means, however it’s a rather extreme update from our last place, & I certainly couldn’t be happier with it. Here comes the deranged section — I just got our first utility bill here, & it is pretty much half of what I paid for a month at the older, smaller residence. I have run the air conditioning machine almost every morning since I moved in, & even with that our bill was a great deal lower than it has been in years. Yes, all of us have a genuinely high end air conditioner machine, a particular one that manages to keep the residence evenly cool throughout the daytime hours while running as little as possible. Along with the fantastic Heating & A/C machine, all of us also have treated windows that act as their own kind of insulation. We are used to losing so much heating & cooling through the windows, & the sills around them, so these treated windows make an immense financial impact on our bottom line. I have heard the expression “you get what you pay for ” however I didn’t realize these overpriced Heating & A/C machines generated such amazing results for energy bills. When the time comes for a current Heating & A/C machine, I will easily stick with this brand, & find the most energy efficient one on the market at that point.

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