Nobody can ever find my home

Living out in the country is both great and awful. I love having lots of wide open space. I can hunt at all hours of the night and not bother anyone. I can walk around in my underwear and not worry about the neighbors seeing me. I can blast my music when I work out and nobody’s there to complain. I like being away from everybody and totally secluded. The downside is that nobody can find my place. If I buy something online and have it delivered, they never can find my house. I wanted to have water delivery for my home, but the water guys never could find me either. The most frustrating is when something goes wrong with my heating system. Frequently my gas fireplace will just decide not to turn on. I am not that handy in the heating department. I always first call the HVAC business to help me. I give them explicit instructions on where my house is. I even stand at the end of the road waiting for them. I have never had a HVAC professional over to my house. Most of the time, I get a no call and no show. Sometimes they call me on the road for directions. Everytime though, I get no HVAC contractor in my home. I then have to decide on my own heater issue and attempt to fix it. Usually leaving the heater off for awhile fixes it. But I am nervous for the day it won’t turn on. How will I ever get a new system if I can’t get a heater repair?

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