I’m considering an air purifier

I hate ductwork. When I first moved into my home, it had the ugliest ductwork. The air ducts were not sealed in the walls and ceiling, it was exposed. So anybody that walked into my house could see the large, metal, eight inch piping extending from room to room. Dust would get on top of the air ducts and became next to impossible to clean. The look of the huge ductwork was terrible as well. I then paid a ton of money to have the exposed ductwork setup in the walls and ceiling. I had a HVAC business come in my home to do the job. It was a ton of work, time and money in order to make that happen. After the HVAC provider finished, I realized that I still hated my HVAC system. Since the ductwork was in the walls, I had no idea if it was in decent shape. I had to call for duct sealing and ductwork cleaning multiple times a year. Sometimes the HVAC professional would cause a crack in the air ducts while he was cleaning them. I finally had to pay the HVAC dealer to come into my home and remove the HVAC ducts completely. They tore open my walls and ceiling again to do the job. I then had to pay to fix the damage, and get a new duct free HVAC device. I have a ductless mini split in my home and I love it. But, it was a ton of money for me to get to this point. It was all due to the horrible ductwork.

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