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Apparently size does matter in the HVAC field. In my opinion, bigger is always better. When I bought a new fridge, I got the biggest one that can fit in my home. I got a bigger pool than I really needed and I got a way more powerful lawnmower than I needed. For my HVAC equipment, it being bigger than usual was not a good thing. Apparently heating and cooling systems need to be properly sized for a home. The reason is that the HVAC system is set to a centralized temperature. You decide on the amount of heating and air conditioning. The HVAC works to achieve the thermostat temperature. If the HVAC unit is too big, it achieves it easily. Sounds like a good thing right? Nope, this means the HVAC unit frequently will turn off and on. The HVAC will totally power back up and down. This is the least efficient way to run HVAC technology. It is better to leave HVAC on all day long, just at a lower setting. Also, how comfortable is a home that gets completely cooled down or heated up? With this method, you are always waiting for the HVAC to decide to turn on. The HVAC gets dirty, sluggish and overheated turning off and on all of the time. It is more prone to repairs and will prematurely break down. I can attest to this, my HVAC constantly is having issues due to its size. I frequently need an HVAC repair or to adjust the settings on the thermostat with my HVAC device.