Working on my HVAC unit

Sigh. I am beside myself with exhaustion and frustration. I can’t even believe this human being came out of my body – she is so flakey and has her head in the clouds every moment of every day. I don’t know where this attitude came from, because I certainly don’t go chasing rainbows the way she does. Right now, for instance, we are locked in a heated battle about her career path. She came home the other day and suddenly said she’s dropping out of college and going to trades school. What on earth. She’s switching from a communications degree to suddenly having an immense interest in attending HVAC school.

            Please explain this to me, someone. When I asked what she likes about the heating and cooling industry, she seemed taken aback and had difficulty even naming any functions of a ventilation specialist. I tried to feed her a few suggestions, such as mentioning the necessity of routine AC and furnace maintenance in order to keep your HVAC system fully operable. I told her about the high installation fees for high tech heating and cooling solutions. I even started talking more about alternate ventilation equipment, such as air purification systems and mini-split ductless heating plans. Still, her eyes were completely glazed over as she insisted this was something she wanted to do for 50 years.

            Finally, I figured out what the draw to HVAC certification was… she had a huge crush on some frat boy who just left her university for heating and cooling technician training. Well that’s just great.

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