Cooling components

My friends and I have been renting an old Victorian Cottage, ever since our third year in college. Our old Victorian Cottage is located close to the college, so my friends and I rarely have to worry about the outdoor elements. Even during the winter season, my friends and I are only a few blocks away from our first morning class. How are old Victorian Cottage is plenty big enough for my roommates and I, but we sporadically have disagreements when it comes to the settings on our Heating and Cooling component. The old Victorian Cottage isn’t exactly set up to be well insulated, so we sporadically worry about the heating and cooling component. And the winter season, my friends and I set the heating and cooling component to the heating function, and try to keep the thermostat set to 70°. My roommate and I sporadically turn the thermostat up a little bit, because it is Ali gets frigid in the night time. My roommates and I have problems with the cooling component, especially when the weather is especially humid Outdoors. My roommates and I set the thermostat on our Heating and Cooling component, so that our Victorian Cottage never get any warmer than 68 degrees. I can’t stand being warm at all, especially when it is humid and muggy outside. We have a higher than usual Heating and Cooling bill in the summer, but at least both of us are very comfortable in our old Victorian Cottage.that means good grades, good sleep, and a well balanced lifestyle.

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