We’re having plumbing issues

In my family, we are all huge basketball fans. For Christmas last year, I purchased tickets for an NBA game so we all could go downtown to see our favorite team play. If you’ve ever been to a major sporting event like an NBA game, you know that one of the worst parts is standing in line to use the restroom facilities. Well, this game was no exception. Since I have five kids, you can probably guess that I ended up spending a lot of time in line for the bathroom! Unfortunately, more than half of the stalls were locked with signs on them that read “Out of Order.” The bathroom attendant saw all of my kids standing there and she apologized to us for the lack of plumbing facilities that night. She said that her boss, who was the head of maintenance and plumbing for the building, had been on the phone all day with their plumbing contractor. Plumbers had been in and out of the building for the entire day but there were some ongoing issues with the pipes and drainage that they had been unable to resolve before the game started. I couldn’t believe that in an organization as large and wealthy as the NBA, they had been unable to manage to get some simple plumbing fixtures repaired and brought up to speed. If I were a plumber, I’d be willing to be on retainer for plumbing emergencies that happen at basketball games! But based on how much money I paid for our tickets, you better believe that I’d be charging three or four times my normal plumbing service rates for helping those guys!

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