Prepare for harsh summers in advance

Summer had been charming so far, but we knew the worst was coming.

Each year we had a crazy sizzling day that would leave everyone wishing for chilly weather.

The preparations were a great way of ensuring the A/C never shut down when we needed it the most. We’d l gained the hard way the previous year when it went off. It was 1 of the hottest days, and we had to crank it up. The added pressure proved too much for the air conditioner to keep going, however so, the best thing we could do is ensure it got proper servicing in advance, however all of us worked with the A/C supplier with an affordable aircon repair plan that included a 24-hour emergency repair package, however once the heating, ventilation and A/C specialist arrived, the first thing she did was check the temperature control. If the temperature control had an issue, the whole air conditioner couldn’t work. Next, she started cleaning the heating, ventilation and A/C unit. There was dust and some debris, plus the air filter was almost jammed. Luckily, we didn’t need an up-to-date 1, so she washed it and left it out to dry. After that, she asked to access the ductwork and check for any faults. Some troubles we could face were critters living in the air vents. These would affect the air quality and even humper the delivery of cool air into the house. Also, ductworks were notorious for accumulating dirt and mold spores. The ducts got a great cleaning before she proceeded to the outdoor A/C unit. The condenser had lots of leaves and gunk that needed vacuuming. Additionally, some of the fins were bent. She also checked the electrical plan and changed some worn-out wires. Once the annual repair was complete, we knew we were ready for summer.

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