Johnny’s plumbing plan

When my son Johnny told us that he was going to become a plumber, we couldn’t have been more excited. My husband and I have always stressed to Johnny that he could be whatever he wanted to be when he grew up. Part of me is thrilled that Johnny has decided to skip going to college all together. He has decided that instead of accumulating all of those college loans that it will take him forever to pay off, he’s going to go to trade school instead. After that, Johnny plans to go and find an apprenticeship with a local plumbing company and complete an internship as a plumber’s helper. I asked him what he plans to do after completing the plumbing internship and he told me that he’s not sure yet but he thinks that he wants to start his very own plumbing company one day. He said that once he figures out how to install toilets, bathtubs, shower, sinks, and showers, he thinks that he would like to have a business that specializes in installing fashion bathrooms and fashion plumbing. He thinks that most people who are building high-end, super expensive houses would like to have a plumber who knows exactly how to deal with those sorts of plumbing fixtures. My husband and I think that it’s a great idea, since there are no plumbing contractors around here that list fashion plumbing as a specialty in any of their ads. I’m pretty proud that our son already has this plan for his future, and I’m also excited that I’ll have a plumber in the family!