I feel a bit guilty

This weekend my partner and I were going to take on the todo lists for the house.  We do much better for time when we split up, but I had not seen my her at all in over a week. We are on a strict housing budget and she had been building up a substantial amount of overtime hours while people took vacations. The back to back shifts were killing us softly, and really the two of us needed to chill out soon. So, this particular morning of errands began with coffee and the cabinet center. We were searching for current oak wood cabinets for the entryway that are very hard to find. While the two of us were wandering the aisles, the staff was giving a presentation of some type of smart control unit. I know it had a brand name, but I was half listening and don’t remember it. Though, anyone who watched the smart control unit presentation was going to receive useful coupons towards a later purchase on their closeout sale.  I told my partner over and over that we didn’t need a current control unit like this. But she was insistent that the coupon could help get our cabinets later when we were ready to purchase. We sat down in the service area to wait for the presentation to begin. The staff did a fall down job presenting the information. The smart control unit was a game changer, because it had a handful of features. Many mornings, my partner was so guilty of leaving the apartment Heating plus A/C unit running all morning after she left. Even though it wasn’t that costly, the two of us don’t want the youngsters to come home to an uncomfortable atmosphere from school. With this revolutionary marketed smart control unit, the two of us could adjust the indoor temperature levels at home when we were at work or on the go. We almost bought one on the spot, however the two of us knew that a control unit was not on the shopping list today. It’s important not to get sidetracked by shiny sales items when you are on a mission and a budget.