Using all the features

This past weekend mom put my brother and me in charge of shopping. I like to do my list alone, but my brother had been away and really wanted to spend time with me. However, he had been having to train extra hours for his certification. The long days and nights were finally getting to him, and he was really over it. I think he could use the company. The first stop was a kitchen store where mom needed some gadget. But, the staff was giving a presentation for a modern smart control unit that was just on the market. Who knows what the brand name was, but there were coupons for the smart control device to those who stayed! I knew mom would appreciate that fact. We didn’t have one at the moment, and I think mom has wanted one for a while. Both of us sat down on the bench with our coffee while we watched for the presentation to begin. I was very impressed with the presentation of information. The smart control component was a very efficient choice, because it had so many features. Many times the kids in the house would always leave the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C component running all day after we left! When we got home it would either be freezing cold or boiling hot. With this innovative smart control unit, everyone in the household could adjust the indoor temperature levels from home, work, or on the go from their phone. We wanted to get it right there, but it wasn’t on the list and we know mom’s rules. It’s important not to get sidetracked by fascination, especially when you are on a mission of tasks.