Maintenance of an AHU

Regular maintenance of an air handling unit will ensure the longevity of its lifespan.

  • It would also be essential in reducing your general repair costs.

The basic maintenance practices include regular cleaning of the air handler unit. This is usually cleaned with a vacuum and additional antibacterial solution. This reduces the dust that might have been accumulated during the operational time. The antibacterial solution will prevent bacteria’s growth, which may contaminate the conditioned air, causing health hazards in the process. Secondly, the filter must be replaced at least once each year as it may have attracted dust and other allergens. Maintenance would also involve the replacement of the insulated duct board. While doing so, a technician may be involved to ensure that the right size is selected to ensure compatibility. The new duct board must be secured with aluminum tape or plastic rib. A coat of mastic adhesive cement would be essential in sealing each seam. All these aim to ensure that the system is perfectly insulated to avoid the loss of energy to the surrounding, cutting down power bills. In addition, the blower bearing and the motor must be greased regularly. Since the two parts are always in motion, greasing would reduce the effects of friction that could otherwise cause wear and tear. Due to rapid rotation, the coils may be strained and, at some point, even bend. With the help of a fine comb, you can easily straighten them. Lastly, the condensation pan should be drained and regularly cleaned to minimize leakages.

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