A new heat pump

My woman, Taylor, plus I moved down south because we wanted to experience year round moderate weather. She plus I were so excited to never experience ice, snow plus cold, but come to find out, down south does get pretty cold in the colder months. Both of us were both totally unprepared for how cold it gets in the south. I guess right now southerns are experiencing shockingly cold weather too. They cancelled classes for a few mornings, the weather people were freaking out on the news plus it is all anyone can talk about. Taylor plus I are in an apartment that uses a heat pump system. Heat pumps are particularly energy efficient plus perfect for the south. What this Heating plus A/C component does is use the heat energy already in the air. In the summer the moderate air goes outside plus the cool air is pumped indoors to create a cooling effect. In the colder heat energy that is outside is pulled inside for heating. However, since a heat pump uses heat energy it is only effective to about 40 degree weather. Well Taylor plus I are experiencing some of the coldest weather the south has ever experienced, every day is below forty degrees. Our apartment heat pump cannot handle this amount of cold air. The Heating plus A/C method has been going non stop since my woman plus I have been here. Even with the oil furnace on, we are both still way too cold. Also to make matters worse, Taylor has already acquired one month’s bill. Our energy bills are super high since we have the Heating plus A/C component going non stop.

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