Investing in a humidifier

I will admit I am a little freaky about my indoor air quality. I used to be a normal guy that never thought about the air he breathes in. Then I made the mistake of talking to my mother about how I always feel sick and my skin is constantly dry. My mother got me freaking out about my indoor air quality. In the Winter the heater dries out the air quality. My lips would get chapped, my nose would bleed and my skin would get flaky. My mother said that I needed to get a humidifier to pair with the heating system. So that is what I did and it made such a difference. My skin is totally fine in the Winter now. In the Summer my air conditioner did not dry out the air quality that much. So I did not need to run the humidifier. In fact I had the opposite problem. My air quality felt too moist. I constantly was dealing with mold growing in my home and in the actual AC system. My mother said that is the reason I was getting sick a lot. The mold would form in the air conditioner. I then would turn the cooling system on and breath in the polluted air. Then I would get sick off of the bacteria. So I had to buy a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture. Overtime I have added more to making my air quality clean. I now have an air purification system and I also have Ultraviolet lights installed in the cooling device. All of this is meant to keep me healthy.

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