I was very worried

I have a problem with sweating when I get nervous. I am about to start my first teaching job this week and I am super nervous. I am worried that my lessons will be boring. I am worried that the kids won’t learn anything or even like me. I actually am worried the most about sweating. Everytime I do a practice teaching session of substitute teach, I end up sweating through my shirt. The first hour of teaching always stresses me out and I ended up a sweaty mess. I don’t want to be that teacher with pit stains in this school. So I am trying to do everything I can to stop the sweating from happening. I am practicing speaking at home. I am going to dress very cool and I am going to open the classroom windows. I wish the school had AC. If the school had an air conditioning system I would be all set. I would just turn on the AC system and get to teaching. Even if I was nervous, the ac system would keep me cool and the sweat at bay. However, I live up north. Owning ac is seriously not worth it. Air conditioning in schools is ridiculous. You would only need cooling for about one month of school. But, for my sweating purposes, AC would be a welcome relief. But since I know it won’t be in the school I need to make my own style of cooling system in the classroom. I will literally do anything not to sweat a ton.

AC system