A ductless heat pump unit

I had to get a HVAC system for my wine facility. The reason for this is that wine has to be kept in temperature control all year. My location does not promote moderate weather. In the Summer we deal with high heat and humidity. cooling was needed to bring those temperatures down. In the Winter we get severe cold that a powerful heating system was needed. So I got a ductless heat pump for the building. The heat pump is just one system that can both heat and cool the whole building. I also found the ductless heat pump online for a deal. I thought this was better than ordering it from a HVAC company. They wanted to charge 4 times as much for the same system. I then cut a deal with the HVAC contractor to perform the HVAC installation. Needless to say the HVAC technician was not happy. I did not buy his system and I made him give me a deal on the HVAC set up. But I did not think the guy would screw me over, but he did. The HVAC professional set up my heat pump right in the front of my wine facility. It looks terrible. The outdoor unit is so large that it covers half of the front. It is grey, vented and gross looking. The reason the HVAC technician set it there is so I would know nobody would steal it. The unit is large that no way would anyone take it. I think he just wanted it to look horrible and mess with me.

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