An A/C malfunction

Last weekend, I decided to have a dinner party for about eight of my friends.  I figured it would be a great opportunity to get everyone together. It was the first week of July, and we were having some especially hot and humid weather.  The outside temperature was up into the nineties, and the humidity was so bad that it was hard to breathe. I am fortunate enough to have central air conditioning installed in my home, so the outside weather is not a factor.  My air conditioner not only cools the house, but it filters and circulates the air. Since most of my friends do not have air conditioning in their homes, I figured they would really enjoy a nice break from the heat. I wanted the house to be especially cool for our friends, so I turned the thermostat down by several degrees.  Instead of my house getting cooler, it suddenly started heating up. I realized that my air conditioner was not working at all. I quickly called up my local HVAC company for emergency repair service. I was thankful that I had enrolled in a preventative maintenance program, so would not need to pay overtime charges. The technician arrived at my house within an hour, inspected the air conditioner, and found that it was simply a broken belt.  The technician replaced the belt, and got the cooling system running again. I was lucky that I still had several hours before my guests were scheduled to arrive. My house was brutally hot and sticky. I had to run my air conditioner at maximum capacity to bring the temperature down to a comfortable level.