New heating system in my car

I’ve had my car for about two years now and I have been trying To take Great care of it.

I want to make this car last as long as possible because I don’t wanna have to pay money for another car anytime soon.

I think that I am going to take my car into the maintenance shop to see if I can have it serviced soon because I want to make sure that I am staying up-to-date on all the repairs. While I was visiting the maintenance shop the technician told me that it might be time for me to replace the heating system in my car. I thought that seemed a little crazy since I just bought my car two years ago and why would I need to pay to have the heating system replaced. The technician told me that the heating system in your car needed to be replaced every two years. I told him I would like to get a second opinion because I wasn’t sure that that was accurate, I had no idea that you would need to get the heating system replaced in your car every two years. I can understand having the heating system serviced every two years but completely replacing it seems ridiculous to me. I think I’m going to have to call another mechanic to see if they can look at my car because I don’t wanna get jipped and I have to pay all this money for a new heating system when I don’t need to.



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