The boss needs to install an air purifier

I’ve been working in the same bar since college & I have to admit that I’m over the bar scene entirely! I worked it for many years & while the money is genuinely great I just don’t care about the job here any longer.

I know I’m going to have to get started with looking for a current task however I will keep this task in the meantime.

One thing I truly don’t love about my current task is that I actually do work in a truly smoky bar. Most bars in our section don’t permit patrons to smoke inside anymore, however ours does. Every night I come home and I totally reek of smoke & I just dislike the feeling. I have asked my manager multiple times if we could have an air purification system installed with our current Heating & A/C equipment, however my manager will not agree to this in the least. The manager does not actually agree that it’s worth the money to spend on an air purification system! Nobody in the bar is complaining about the air quality. I told him, wouldn’t it be nicer to have your employees thrilled & install current air purification equipment instead of worrying about what the patrons think? Well my boss does not agree with my justifications & I am super frustrated. I know I’m going to have to get going with looking for a task that has better quality air so that I don’t come home stinking precisely like smoke every night.

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